Power Quality Monitoring

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Course Description

Measuring and analyzing the quality of the voltage and current are becoming more important. Network users want to be informed about the quality of the voltage and the kind of problems that could occur when the voltage is distorted. Network operators, on their side, want to control, in some manner, the quality of the current to avoid overloading of components and unnecessary operation of protection devices. Due to the different power quality phenomena, measuring and analyzing is difficult. In the course ‘monitoring’ you will learn about the various aspects of monitoring the Power Quality. We pay attention to the standard IEC 61000-4-30, various measurement and monitoring methods, and future developments in measurement and analysis.

What you will learn

  • Understanding the concept of Power Quality monitoring.
  • Important aspects for obtaining good PQ measurements.
  • Measuring the current and the voltage. Instruments accuracy and connection.
  • Continuous and event parameters for characterizing the supply voltage.
  • Monitoring installations.
  • Proper analysis on a customer’s complaint.
  • Future developments in monitoring.
  • Proposed changes on existing power quality regulations.

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