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Unbalance in the voltages is a result of unbalance in the currents of the phases. Unbalance in the currents will result in additional energy losses and unnecessary loss of current capacity of the installation. When the load (or generation) in the three phases are balanced, an optimal use of the installation is possible. In the module unbalance, you will learn what unbalance is and how unbalance can be prevented. In addition to the sources of unbalance and potential problems arising from unbalance, such as unnecessary energy losses and loss of installation capacity, you will also learn about the possible solutions to unbalance.

What you will learn

  • Understanding the concept and characteristics of Unbalance. 
  • Costs and problems an installation may encounter. 
  • Importance of a balanced system on a weak grid.
  • Existing sources of unbalance.
  • Different proposals for mitigating the unbalance. 
  • Solving three detailed cases based on real industry problems.

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