Voltage Dips

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Course Description

A voltage dip can have a lot of impact on the processes in dip sensitive factories such as automotive, chemical, semiconductor industry, banks or similar data centers. Consequently, the costs of a voltage dip can be very high. In the course voltage dips the following topics are discussed: the analysis of the dip profile, the importance of the immunity of devices and processes, the possibilities to reduce the failure due to voltage dips, and describing a realistic cost-benefit analysis.

What you will learn

  • Understanding the concept and characteristics of a voltage dip. 
  • Existing types according to their nature and phases affected.
  • Impact on different industry types. Direct and indirect costs.
  • Propagation between voltage levels depending on the transformer topology.
  • Measuring the total amount of dips at point of connection.
  • Classifying the dip according to their severity and their voltage level origin.
  • Different mitigation technologies as possible solutions.
  • Solving a detailed case based on a real industry problem.

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