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Study Power Quality – An Online Power Quality Training

‘Study Power Quality’ is an online Power Quality training based on the book ‘Power Quality; about the problems and solutions’ by Prof.dr.ir. J.F.G. Cobben, complemented with our knowledge and experience as a practical specialist in Power Quality. The e-learning platform ‘Study Power Quality’ offers you the freedom to gain knowledge about the subject Power Quality at the most suitable moment for you. There are several available modules that each explain a specific topic. You can choose which topics are of interest to you, or you can enroll in all of them. The choice is yours.

More insight into contemporary issues around voltage and current quality

The online Power Quality training ‘Study Power Quality’ increases insight into problems related to poor Power Quality that companies and institutions have to face in today’s society. The theoretical background of the most important Power Quality aspects is discussed in various modules. In addition, various practical cases are discussed. In these practical cases, problems are measured, analyses are made, cost overviews are offered and possible solutions are discussed.

Study Power Quality is intended for:

  • Managers of Electrical Installations;
  • Technical Services;
  • Advisers and Consultants;
  • Installers;
  • Manufacturers of Appliances;
  • Network Operators;
  • Electrical Engineering Students (University of Applied Sciences and Academic University Education)

Study Power Quality offers added value in the design stage of installations and in existing installations

When designing a new installation, it is important to not only restrict yourself to using solely the NEN1010 as a guideline, but also to pay attention to the Power Quality aspects. This way, unnecessary costs and problems can be prevented. Within existing installations, insight into and improvement of the Power Quality can lead to more efficient use of systems. This provides benefits in terms of capacity and energy efficiency. In addition, unnecessary outages and risks, such as electrical breakdown or overload, which could result in fire, are avoided.

Powered by HyTEPS

HyTEPS consists of a team of highly qualified and enthusiastic employees. We help organizations to optimize the energy efficiency, reliability and safety of their electrical installation through our knowledge, services, and technologically innovative products. As a result, many problems, risks of malfunctioning have been resolved or prevented, which additionally results in cost savings and improved efficiency, reliability and safety. Improved energy efficiency is an important factor which contributes to corporate social responsibility.

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