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Weak Networks

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Course Description

In other courses, the different power quality phenomena are described as separate phenomena and the problems and solutions were specified for the particular power quality aspects, treated in that course. In this course, special circumstances will be analyzed, namely, a combination of power quality issues and a combined approach for the appropriate solution, all related to weak supply networks. These weak networks will clearly be present at:

  • Offshore installation;
  • On board of ships/yachts;
  • Microgrids or other small isolated systems.

However, also installations connected to the (strong) public network could occasionally have to operate with the emergency generators, due to an interruption in the normal supply. 

In the course weak networks you will learn, on the basis of cases, about the specific aspects of Power Quality in relation to weak networks such as offshore installations, on board of ships and yachts, and in micro grids or other small insulated systems.

What you will learn

  • Understanding the concept of a weak network.
  • Types and main problems of weak networks.
  • Existing standards and regulations.
  • Comparison between a strong and a weak network.
  • Harmonics distortion vs. network impedance.
  • Inrush currents and notches**
  • Different real examples based on yachts, off shore installations and microgrids.
  • Different solutions on weak networks applied to different cases.
  • The high costs of a bad Power Quality on a weak network.

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