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Course Description

Transients are high distortions in the voltage shape in a very short time interval. Transients can occur due to short circuits in the grid, switching events or lightning. As a result, transients could damage devices with process failure or complete outage of a production line. In the course transients, the phenomenon transients is thoroughly explained, causes of transients are introduced, problems that may occur and possible solutions are described. Furthermore, several case studies are included to explain the phenomenon transients in a practical manner.

What you will learn

  • Understanding the concept and characteristics of Transients.
  • Most important sources of transients.
  • Costs and problems an installation may encounter. 
  • Guidelines to avoid damage on equipment and people.
  • Evaluating the impact of a transient (voltage peak and time-interval).
  • Different solutions for protecting the installation against transients. 
  • IEC standard recommendations for low voltage installations. 
  • Solving two detailed cases based on real industry problems.

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